Now’s the Time to Move to Philadelphia!

As Philadelphians move back to the city each and every day, and many restaurants and retail stores continue to re-open, Philadelphia is slowly and safely making a comeback. Thinking about making the move to Philadelphia? Here are some reasons why you should. Amazing inventory at an amazing price With interest rates at an all-time low […]

Philadelphia’s Condo Market Reacts to Pandemic in Q2

Condo Sales Decline but Prices Hold Steady in Philadelphia September 16, 2020 Sales are down, but prices are only slightly down. Here are the latest numbers, courtesy of Allan Domb Real Estate: The average price of Philadelphia’s condos decreased by 0.2% on quality- and seasonally-adjusted basis in Q2. This continues the condo market’s general trend […]

Financial Times: Philadelphia’s condo boom lures hipsters and baby-boomers Prices in some neighbourhoods are up more than 50 per cent since 2014 Fans of the movie Rocky may not recognise Rocky Balboa’s old neighbourhood. The famously rundown streets of north Philadelphia are home to several new upscale restaurants and expensive condos and town houses. “Hipsters are moving in,” says Kevin Gillen, an economist […]