Maximize the Cash Flow of Your Real Estate Investment

Investing in rental property can be a vital part of a long-term financial strategy. Especially in a city like Philadelphia, where rentals are in high demand, building out your property portfolio can create ongoing opportunities for wealth. However, it’s important to invest in the right properties, which you can determine by conducting a rental property […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Philadelphia Condo with Parking

Philadelphia condos with parking are a smart investment for those who want to spend more time enjoying the luxuries of home and less time looking for parking spots and sitting in gridlock traffic. While the city is known for being walkable, having a car is a must for those who work in other areas or […]

3 Ways Boutique Condo Buildings Elevate Luxury Living

As you embark on your journey for your next home, boutique condo buildings in Philadelphia should rise to the top of the list for a number of reasons. The privacy, exclusivity, and amenities that such residences provide are unmatched, offering the convenience you’re seeking and the comfort you deserve. Why You Should Buy Property in […]

3 Luxury Condos For Rent in Philadelphia with City Views

Living in Center City Philadelphia affords residents countless opportunities: top-notch arts and entertainment offerings, walkability, and close proximity to the region’s best employers, among them. While those practical factors provide ample appeal for residents, at some luxury condos for rent in Philadelphia, you also get a major bonus: the chance to soak in the beauty […]

Philadelphia Condos with the Best Rooftop Pools

Warmer weather graces the Philadelphia region for only a few short months each year. That fact always has many local residents eagerly counting down the days until they can kick back and soak up the sunshine. While the city offers ample green space where you can do just that, having a peaceful outdoor space right […]

Choosing the Best Commercial Office Space–Class A vs Class B

For those looking for commercial office space, Philadelphia is among the hottest cities on the East Coast for a number of reasons. The City of Brotherly Love is a centrally located metropolis that offers many more affordable living options than other big American cities, making it perfect for businesses looking to attract bright young talent. […]

Philadelphia’s Condo Market Continues Its 2020 Struggle in Q3

Prices dropped slightly but sales rebounded strongly. December 22, 2020: Prices generally showed modest declines, but sales bounced back sharply from theirspring plunge. Here’s the latest numbers, courtesy of Allan Domb Real Estate: The general level of Philadelphia’s condo prices fell by 0.5% on a quality- and seasonallyadjusted basis in Q3. This continues the condo […]

Now’s the Time to Move to Philadelphia!

As Philadelphians move back to the city each and every day, and many restaurants and retail stores continue to re-open, Philadelphia is slowly and safely making a comeback. Thinking about making the move to Philadelphia? Here are some reasons why you should. Amazing inventory at an amazing price With interest rates at an all-time low […]

Philadelphia’s Condo Market Reacts to Pandemic in Q2

Condo Sales Decline but Prices Hold Steady in Philadelphia September 16, 2020 Sales are down, but prices are only slightly down. Here are the latest numbers, courtesy of Allan Domb Real Estate: The average price of Philadelphia’s condos decreased by 0.2% on quality- and seasonally-adjusted basis in Q2. This continues the condo market’s general trend […]

Financial Times: Philadelphia’s condo boom lures hipsters and baby-boomers Prices in some neighbourhoods are up more than 50 per cent since 2014 Fans of the movie Rocky may not recognise Rocky Balboa’s old neighbourhood. The famously rundown streets of north Philadelphia are home to several new upscale restaurants and expensive condos and town houses. “Hipsters are moving in,” says Kevin Gillen, an economist […]