Why Do Some Philadelphia Condo Buildings Have Dog Breed Restrictions?

While pet-friendly properties are gaining popularity in condominium communities, certain terms are often applied to their pet policies. Some communities may charge additional fees for pets and or require an additional deposit to cover any pet-related property damage. Other communities may set limitations on the number of pets per household. And typically, the types of […]

Safety Tips for Your Condominium Swimming Pool

Taking a dip in the community pool is an excellent choice for fun on a hot summer day. Kids love swimming and playing games. Adults enjoy cooling off, relaxing, and socializing.  Although pools are among the most popular condominium amenities, many residents often overlook the amount of responsibility that is required to safely enjoy this […]

How to Decorate Your Condo or Apartment Balcony

Apartments and condos with a balcony or patio are a wonderful place to relax and unwind during the spring, summer or fall. Yet, many apartment dwellers don’t take advantage of these wonderful outdoor amenities. That’s unfortunate because they’re essentially extra living spaces that offer all kinds of possibilities that can’t be experienced inside the apartment […]

Best Plants for Your Condo or Apartment

If you think owning a house with lots of land is the only way to practice your green thumb skills, think again. Apartments and condos offer plenty of opportunities to incorporate some nice greenery throughout your living space. You just have to pick the perfect plants for such surroundings. Below is a list of some […]

Tips to Optimize Storage for Condo Living

During your tour, you marveled at all of the space that your soon-to-be apartment or condo offered. Now that all of your possessions are in place you may be wondering where all of that space went.  Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by apartment and condo residents is trying to effectively use every inch of storage […]

Exercises You Can Easily Do In Your Apartment

Do you want to work out in the privacy of your own home – but you’re worried about space constraints? Or maybe you’re afraid your workout sessions will make too much noise and bother your neighbors?  If either of these two concerns is preventing you from exercising, Allan Domb Real Estate is here to help […]

Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bills in your Philadelphia Apartment

Many Philadelphians are spending more time in their apartments than ever before. You may be among the many. Whether it’s due to remote work/learning or the desire to enjoy your home and its wonderful amenities, your apartment is truly the center of your universe.  Unfortunately, more time spent at home means higher electricity bills. If […]

3 Tips to Help You Select a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Selling a luxury property is not as simple as it seems. Although you may have a marvelous property that’s located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods, and your asking price is on target, it’s often difficult to reach potential buyers. That’s why luxury real estate agents are a lifesaver!  But how do you determine […]

Top Reasons to Move to the Graduate Hospital Neighborhood

Graduate Hospital might be the city’s most walkable neighborhood. Take a walk down any of the numerous sidewalks and you’ll see dozens of residents walking their dogs, pushing their strollers, or headed to work in Rittenhouse Square.  When residents need to travel a little further outside the neighborhood, they simply take the nearby public transit. It’s […]

Top Reasons to Buy or Rent a Condo in Avenue of the Arts Neighborhood

Philadelphia is a city filled with energy, history, and inspiration. If Philadelphians were asked to nominate the area that perfectly captures all three of these amazing qualities, the Avenue of the Arts would most assuredly top that list of nominees. It’s easy to see why. This area of Broad Street that stretches from City Hall […]

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