3 Tips to Help You Select a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Selling a luxury property is not as simple as it seems. Although you may have a marvelous property that’s located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods, and your asking price is on target, it’s often difficult to reach potential buyers. That’s why luxury real estate agents are a lifesaver! 

But how do you determine which agent is the one for you? Follow these three tips! 

1. Knows The Industry 

Ever try to give a presentation without being fully prepared? It seldom goes well. That’s why it’s important for your luxury real estate agent to be fully prepared and knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry – and  your property. If they can’t answer potential buyers’ questions about your property or give you insight into the current market trends, then things will not go well. 

A reliable agent possesses in-depth knowledge of the luxury property market in order to determine exactly where your property fits in that environment. They’re also aware of the latest trends including which selling points appeal to which specific demographics. 

In addition to their industry insight, the best luxury agents also make a point of learning everything there is to know about your property. They’ll go the extra mile to learn its history (including any renovations that were made), inventory all its amenities and special features, and familiarize themselves with the neighborhood (if they’re not already knowledgeable about it). 

When luxury agents are well informed about their industry and your property, they provide better answers to prospects’ questions, highlight the most desirable property features, and emphasize the benefits of living in that particular community.  

2. Knows How to Network 

“It’s not just what you know – it’s also who you know.” That expression personifies an excellent luxury real estate agent. The best agents are not only knowledgeable about the industry and the properties they show – they’re also connected to numerous important networks. 

To be an effective seller, agents make connections with a variety of professional and personal networks that they can tap into when they need to move a property. If your agent is aware of another agency that’s interested in buying properties similar to yours, they utilize their professional network to speak with a colleague at that particular firm. In another scenario, an agent may learn that a member of their book club or country club is looking for a new home. They’ll be able to use their connection to interest this prospective buyer in your property. 

3. Knows How To Market 

Since so many prospective buyers are starting their new home search online, it’s imperative that your luxury real estate agent has excellent marketing skills. They’ll not only need to know your property from top-to-bottom for tours and phone inquiries, but they’ll also need to know how to showcase your property online, too. An effective agent’s site features dedicated pages for each property that’s filled with first-rate photos, videos and content that highlights the property’s floor plans, best features, and surroundings. 

Your luxury real estate agent should also know how to effectively market in the community. When an agent is unfamiliar with a particular neighborhood, they’ll have a tough time finding the right audience for your property. Be sure your agent knows the ins and outs of local marketing. 

Now that you know what to look for in a first-rate luxury real estate agent, you’ll be happy to learn that the experts at Allan Domb possess all of these qualities and are knowledgeable about Philadelphia’s hottest real estate neighborhoods. Our expert agents are knowledgeable about the industry and community and will take the time to learn everything about your property, and know-how to reach the right audiences in the Philadelphia market. If you’re interested in listing your property, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our luxury real estate agents!

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