Tips to Optimize Storage for Condo Living

During your tour, you marveled at all of the space that your soon-to-be apartment or condo offered. Now that all of your possessions are in place you may be wondering where all of that space went. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by apartment and condo residents is trying to effectively use every inch of storage space. Even those with large, roomy floor plans often have difficulty storing and organizing their clothes, accessories, and personal possessions. 

Below, we’ll discuss some of the simple ways you can optimize and organize your wonderful living space to more effectively house all of your accouterments. 

1. Better Use of Space 

If your apartment or condo is on the verge of being cluttered and hard to navigate, it’s time to evaluate your current use of floor space. One of the simplest ways to increase your floor space and clear the clutter is to store things vertically instead of horizontally. Using vertical shelving, hooks, and wall-mounted cabinetry can help you avoid the overuse of ground-level storage and can help keep your floor plan more organized, accessible, and clutter-free. 

A great way to pack away items you don’t use frequently (such as luggage) is to store them under your bed. Most brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers sell compact storage bins that conveniently slide under the bed for storage of seasonal apparel and footwear, extra sheets, and toiletries.   

Over-the-door storage options are a great way to organize your closets and smaller spaces such as bathrooms. Hanging door storage compartments are a smart, space-saving way to organize your shoes, ties, scarves, gloves, belts, and other smaller accessories. Over-the-door racks are not only ideal for hanging your towels, but they are also perfect for coats, robes, and hats. 

2. Functional and Practical Furniture 

When you can’t avoid setting your sights on vertical solutions, finding furniture that functions as additional storage spaces is another smart choice for apartment and condo life. Ottomans that have removable tops and interior storage are perfect for stashing away bulky blankets and extra pillows. 

When you need extra seating for parties or entertaining guests and visitors, stackable stools are a stylish and space-saving answer. When not in use, these convenient, comfortable, and compact seats can be stacked on top of each other and stored in the corner of the room or an out of the way spot. 

One of the most innovative, space-saving essentials we have discovered is an extendable dining room table

3. Apartments with Walk-In Closets and Extra Storage

One of the best methods to stay organized and be free of clutter begins during your apartment or condo search. When you’re looking for your new home, be sure to include walk-in closets and/or access to extra storage facilities on your list of must-have amenities. They may not seem like the most exciting of amenities, but we can assure you that they’re exactly what you need to live comfortably (and clutter-free). 

Philadelphia Condo Buildings with Space Saving Amenities

At Allan Domb, we understand the important role that extra storage space plays in the lives of apartment and condo residents. That’s why many of our Center City properties (Rittenhouse Savoy, Independence Place, and Symphony House to name just a few) feature space-saving amenities such as large walk-in closets, extra storage spaces, and even dedicated spaces for parking bikes. 

When you’re searching for Philadelphia apartments and condos with unique and ample extra storage options, Allan Domb has the finest choices. 

Contact our offices today to speak with one of our representatives about our currently available properties. 



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