Best Plants for Your Condo or Apartment

If you think owning a house with lots of land is the only way to practice your green thumb skills, think again. Apartments and condos offer plenty of opportunities to incorporate some nice greenery throughout your living space. You just have to pick the perfect plants for such surroundings.

Below is a list of some of the best plants for your condo or apartment (along with the reasons that make them the best choices):

Ponytail Palm

Looking for a fun, low maintenance plant that’s perfect for your busy lifestyle? Then the ponytail palm is the perfect choice for you! Why?

First of all, this adaptable succulent (which is a palm in name only) thrives in dry conditions like an apartment or condo. It loves lots of indirect sunlight and only needs watering every couple of weeks since its bulb-like truck stores water for future use. Secondly, its long leaves grow in a fun and distinct way that resembles a ponytail. It’s a unique look that adds a vibrant and energetic element to your surroundings.

Also known as an elephant foot tree (although it’s not a tree), this slow-growing, easy-care plant is perfect for apartment dwellers who travel a lot. Plus, it’s non-toxic, making it a great choice for dog and cat owners!

African Violets

Want a pop of color among all the greenery? Then add an African violet to the mix!

Another low-maintenance plant, African violets thrive on indirect sunlight when placed on a windowsill. They don’t require frequent waterings either. If the leaves and soil feel dry, simply water the plant with room temperature. However, you’ll want to avoid getting the leaves wet as it can cause slight discoloration.

Although the plant is very pretty, the African violet’s flowers are the real attraction. When they are in bloom, the purple- and pink-hued flowers will naturally brighten up your living space!

Polka Dot Plant

Sized perfectly for condos and apartments, the polka dot palm is another favorite that will brighten up your day!

Much like the plants listed above, the polka dot plant craves lots of indirect sunlight. Unlike the previously mentioned apartment plants, this one requires quite a bit of watering. When it blooms (typically in the late spring and early summer), the polka dot plant produces an eye-catching array of pink and white colored flowers. Pinch off these flowers to keep the vibrant foliage

Your plants’ purpose doesn’t have to be purely aesthetic. You can also grow a great deal of plants that are perfect for incorporating in your favorite dishes, too!

If you’re looking for edible plants that you can easily grow on your kitchen windowsill, here are a few of the best options:

  • Oregano – A multipurpose seasoning for everything from soups to pasta, oregano grows easily with eight hours of sunlight each day. Just be sure that the soil is dry before you water it – otherwise your oregano plants will drown or rot.
  • Basil – Keep the soil moist and give them plenty of sunlight and your basil will elevate your sauces, soups and salads to the next level!
  • Cilantro – Another easy-grow edible, cilantro only requires a few hours of sunlight each day and waterings when its soil is dry. When it’s ready, pluck it off and add it to your salsa, rice or salad.
  • Catnip – Your herbs and edible plants don’t have to be just for you! Give your kitty a treat with fresh grown catnip. Be sure it gets about four or five hours of sunlight a day and keep the soil moderately moist for best results. When it’s ready, pinch a leaf off, present it to your cat – and watch out!

These are many other plants and herbs that can grow and thrive in apartments and condos. They just need a little bit of maintenance and quiet, relaxing spaces with plenty of natural lighting.

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