Tips to Optimize Storage for Condo Living

During your tour, you marveled at all of the space that your soon-to-be apartment or condo offered. Now that all of your possessions are in place you may be wondering where all of that space went.  Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by apartment and condo residents is trying to effectively use every inch of storage […]

Exercises You Can Easily Do In Your Apartment

Do you want to work out in the privacy of your own home – but you’re worried about space constraints? Or maybe you’re afraid your workout sessions will make too much noise and bother your neighbors?  If either of these two concerns is preventing you from exercising, Allan Domb Real Estate is here to help […]

Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bills in your Philadelphia Apartment

Many Philadelphians are spending more time in their apartments than ever before. You may be among the many. Whether it’s due to remote work/learning or the desire to enjoy your home and its wonderful amenities, your apartment is truly the center of your universe.  Unfortunately, more time spent at home means higher electricity bills. If […]

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