Top 5 Security Features for Luxury City Condos

Security should be a top priority when exploring condos in Philadelphia, as residents should be able to rest assured that they’re coming home to a community that values both their safety and privacy. The most secure condos in Center City have a number of unique features that can offer that peace of mind. As you continue your search for your next home, make sure to keep these five security precautions in mind.

Secure, Gated Community

Center City Philly is a bustling area, filled with residents, business people and visitors alike. With so much foot traffic on the streets, it’s key that a condo community is accessible only to those who live in the building.

Secure, Resident-Only Elevator Access

Access to building elevators is important. While ideally only residents should be able to enter the condo community, visitors or delivery people may be permitted on site, and they should not be able to move around the property, including on elevators, without a resident.

24-Hour Doorman

The most secure condos in Center City have an around-the-clock security presence in the form of a doorman. This person will be familiar with all the residents and can be a vital pair of eyes to ensure the property is safe and secure. Residents at the stunning Rittenhouse Plaza can appreciate the security of a 24-hour doorman.

On-Site Private Parking Garage with Direct Building Entrance

While on-site parking can certainly be a convenient feature, it’s also a safe one. Residents can avoid lengthy walks that could put them at risk of security issues and can also be confident that their vehicle is parked securely in a space only accessible to other residents. A garage entrance into the building, such as the one at Pier 3 Center City Condos, also combines convenience and safety, allowing drivers the most direct and quickest route to and from their homes.

Security-Locked Entrances to Common Areas:

Common areas play a vital role in condo communities, serving to bring together neighbors for socialization and relaxation. The most secure condos in Center City acknowledge that these spaces should only be accessible to residents with a key or pass. Such a feature ensures the safety of residents, respecting both their privacy and unique membership in the condo community.

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