Pier 3

Pier 3

Condos & Apartments along the Delaware Waterfront

3 N Columbus Blvd,
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Pier III began as an apartment building in the 1980’s built upon a pier on the Delaware River that was a remnant from the 1920’s. The building was converted to a condominium in the mid 1990’s offering 172 condos in Philadelphia’s Delaware River Waterfront neighborhood.

Inside this beautiful Philadelphia condo building, one will find homes in a variety of floorplans, many being bi-level and often with terraces. Residents have access to some amazing amenities that include enclosed garage parking as well as access to an on-site pool and fitness center.

Both Pier 3 and its neighbor Pier 5 can be considered isolated, gated communities within the crowded city with a variety of views either overlooking the Delaware River or looking into the Pier III atrium.