Safety Tips for Your Condominium Swimming Pool

Taking a dip in the community pool is an excellent choice for fun on a hot summer day. Kids love swimming and playing games. Adults enjoy cooling off, relaxing, and socializing. 

Although pools are among the most popular condominium amenities, many residents often overlook the amount of responsibility that is required to safely enjoy this community feature. 

To avoid accidents and potential poolside problems, all residents should practice proper pool safety. 

Here are a few helpful tips! 

Pool Safety Tip #1: Never Leave Children Unsupervised

It only takes a few seconds for accidents to happen. At a pool, those few seconds could lead to a potentially fatal situation. 

Children can quickly drown in just a few inches of water. That’s why it’s extremely important for parents or guardians to supervise children during all pool activities. Whether they’re swimming in the pool or playing next to it, children should never be unattended at the community pool. 

To ensure children’s safety during pool visits, parents or adult guardians should provide their undivided attention. To do so, adults are urged to refrain from talking or scrolling on their phones, reading, napping or socializing in areas where they cannot clearly see their children. 

In case an emergency does occur, parents and guardians should look for items around the pool area for any items (pool noodles, skimmers, floats) that could help with rescuing a distressed child.  

If a child does not know how to swim, parents and guardians should consider letting them wear a life jacket for increased peace of mind. 

Pool Safety Tip #2: No Running on the Pool Deck

Sometimes it’s hard for a kid to contain their excitement when they’re going to the pool. They just want to run and cannonball right into the pool and make a big splash (literally)! 

While that sounds like fun, it’s not safe for anyone to run on the pool deck. 

All of the splashing and swimming causes the pool deck to become a little slippery in spots. Running on that slippery surface could cause you to fall and injure yourself or others. 

Play it safe and always walk on the pool deck. 

Pool Safety Tip #3: Keep All Glass Away from the Pool Area

Feel like lounging poolside with a refreshing beverage? 

Please enjoy yourself. However, make sure that the drink isn’t served in a glass. 

You should never bring any glass bottles or containers into the pool area. This is extremely dangerous for several reasons. 

First, the glass could break, and shatter into pieces on the pool deck. Since so many people are walking around barefoot, they could step on a shard of glass and seriously injure themselves. 

Not only could broken glass injure folks on the pool deck, it could also injure swimmers too. If glass shards fall into the pool, they’ll go unnoticed. Their transparency makes them invisible in the water, so folks may cut themselves while swimming, splashing, floating, or walking in the pool.

Lastly, if glass pieces fall into the pool, swimming will be prohibited until all of the water is drained, the pool is professionally cleaned and the liner is replaced if it is cut or damaged by the shards. This is an expensive process that could result in rent increases or fines. 

Pool Safety Tip #4: Never Dive Into a Pool

Recreational community pools are for relaxing and unwinding. They are not designed for professional sporting activities such as diving. 

To safely dive into a pool, it must be at least 10-12 feet deep to avoid injury. The deepest ends of  most recreational pools range from 4-8 feet. By diving into a shallow pool, you risk hitting your head on the floor. Striking this surface could cause considerable damage, including concussion, lacerations, unconsciousness, and even severe spinal cord injury. 

Pool Safety Tip #5: Do Not Swim During Inclement Weather

Meteorologists do a great job forecasting our daily weather. However, summer storms can crop up at any time with little notice.

If the sky quickly grows dark, winds pick up and you hear the distant rumble of thunder, it’s time to get out of the water, move away from the pool area, and head indoors. 

Lightning is attracted to water. And water conducts electricity. Whether you’re in the pool or near it, you risk getting electrocuted during a summer thunderstorm. 

Philadelphia Condos with Swimming Pools

By following the above tips you and your neighbors can enjoy every minute of pool time this and every summer!

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Contact one of Allan Domb’s knowledgeable real estate agents today and speak with us about our currently available Philadelphia condo properties with a swimming pool! 

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