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Discovering Philadelphia’s Art Museum Neighborhood

While the Art Museum neighborhood in Philadelphia derives its name from the internationally renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, the area is home to much more than the famed arts icon—from premiere shopping and dining options to historical sites and cultural centers...

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Why Buying in Philly is a Better Bet

City living is an exciting opportunity, especially here in Philadelphia, but it does present a new angle to the buying versus renting debate. With the scarcity of single-family homes, some city-bound residents think their only option is renting an apartment. However,...

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Finding a Home with Outdoor Space in the City

When you hear the word “city,” you likely conjure images of skyscrapers, gridlocked traffic, and sidewalks clogged with people. Few will equate cities with cozy patios, backyard parties or gardens full of fresh flowers and herbs—but in Philadelphia, residents can...

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