3 Ways Boutique Condo Buildings Elevate Luxury Living

As you embark on your journey for your next home, boutique condo buildings in Philadelphia should rise to the top of the list for a number of reasons. The privacy, exclusivity, and amenities that such residences provide are unmatched, offering the convenience you’re seeking and the comfort you deserve.

Why You Should Buy Property in a Boutique Condo Building  

Here are a few of the best reasons to buy a luxury home and invest in boutique condo buildings in Philadelphia.


Many apartment buildings in the city try to maximize space and pack in as many residents as possible. Boutique condo buildings, however, have a different setup, with fewer residences and much more space. Because of that, the building is much less congested than others, and all condo owners can feel like they can comfortably spread out, both in their private space and common areas. Especially today, with an increased emphasis on privacy and safety, we’ve all become more conscious of overcrowding, and with our offerings in Philadelphia, you can rest assured that you’re one of only a handful who can call the space home.


Center City Philadelphia is a highly desirable area, home to some of the region’s most award-winning restaurants, shops, nightlife outlets, and more, as well as leading employers and educational institutions. With our boutique condo buildings in Philadelphia, you can enjoy all that the city has to offer, without giving up your taste for luxury and sophistication. Unlike cramped apartment buildings that simply boast their proximity to Center City’s attractions, upscale condos also feature a living experience to match.

Must-See Boutique Condo Buildings to Explore

  1. The Alison is directly across the street from Rittenhouse Park, named one of the nation’s most exclusive neighborhoods. It’s among the city’s most historic green spaces that is now surrounded by some of the biggest restaurant names in the area; residents can enjoy a stroll in the park or a meal at one of the neighborhood’s culinary institutions before arriving home to an equally luxurious space.
  2. At The Lippincott, residents only have to walk out their front doors to be among the tree-lined pathways of historic Washington Square Park, which offers just as much quiet and serenity as the condo building does.
  3. The Lanesborough is right in the middle of all the action—with shopping and dining experiences to suit any taste, giving residents the variety and comforts they are used to right at home.


Those who enjoy the upscale nature of Center City will feel right at home with boutique condo buildings in Philadelphia, which provide eye-catching architecture and stunning views. The Lanesborough, for example, is situated in a nearly century-old, historic building that has been completely renovated with high-end finishes and now features 18 full-floor condos, providing ample space for each resident. Boutique condos like The Alison feature top amenities, such as a 24-hour doorman, marble bathrooms, and hardwood floors, while The Lippincott is known for retaining its historic charm that is fused with modern touches.

Boutique condo buildings in Philadelphia like these offer sophistication and style, all while enabling residents to take advantage of city living—representing a smart investment in your future. Schedule a showing and start the search for your new home. Contact Allan Domb Real Estate at 215-545-1500. We can help you buy or rent a condo in Philadelphia. We’ll help you find a luxury community in a desirable Philadelphia neighborhood that matches your lifestyle.

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