Top 5 Things to Consider When Renting in Philly

Finding the perfect home is a process that involves a lot of choices. For those considering luxury condos for rent in Philadelphia, they can make the best decision by weighing the following five factors.


This is often one of the most important aspects to consider. For those deciding between apartments or luxury condos in Philadelphia, they should make sure to factor in the overall value, such as access to on-site amenities and lack of repair and maintenance costs, which can save the renter money in the long run.


While Center City apartments are plentiful, they often leave a lot to be desired in terms of their setting. In luxury condos, renters can truly feel they are part of a community, rather than just one in a long line of identical apartments. Condos offer meticulously maintained common areas, eye-catching exteriors, and ample on-site amenities, all of which welcome renters home in a way that apartment communities often struggle to do.


Those who opt for apartments or rental homes are often frustrated by the age and quality of their space—from outdated appliances to outdated designs. At luxury condo communities, however, quality is of the utmost importance, as properties must meet standards, which owners take seriously.


Downtown Philadelphia provides unparalleled opportunities. Luxury condos for rent in Philadelphia are often situated right in the middle of all the potential and possibility that Center City neighborhoods, including Rittenhouse Square or Old City, have to offer—from the exciting nightlife scene to the booming business world.


A big downside to renting an apartment or house is often the high cost of utilities, which many renters don’t initially consider. At luxury condos, the cost of utilities is already rolled into the overall price, so there are no hidden fees or unexpected, out-of-budget surprises. That helps renters stay on track and be prepared, with less time for worrying about money and more time spent on enjoying their home.

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