Center City Neighborhoods

Center City is a thriving and vibrant section of one of the greatest cities in North America, Philadelphia, PA. Comprised of smaller areas, Center City neighborhoods are known for their rich history, cultural intrigue, and some of the best shopping and dining in all of Philadelphia. Life in Center City has much to offer, from luxurious neighborhoods and landscaped parks to its proximity to world class performing arts and cultural venues. Residents of the wide array of condominium buildings here have easy access to jobs and everyday errands are within walking distance. Come to live, shop, dine, or to experience the exciting nightlife of Philadelphia. Each of the Center City neighborhoods have their own unique personality, atmosphere, attractions, and amenities to suit your lifestyle.

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Arial view of the Rittenhouse Square Neighborhood in Center City, Philadelphia

Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse House is home to some of the best dining and finest shopping that Philadelphia has to offer.

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Sky view of Center City, Philadelphia Avenue of the Arts neighborhood

Avenue of the Arts

The Avenue of the Arts is a culturally rich area of Center City that is home to many of Philadelphia’s Theaters and Performing Arts houses.

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View of the Center City, Philadelphia Skyline from Fairmount Park

Fairmount/Art Museum

The stately Art Museum and beautiful Fairmont Park is home to some of the most vibrant and active areas in the city.

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Bird’s eye view of the Old City/Society Hill Neighborhood in Philadelphia, NY

Old City/Society Hill

The Shippen-Wistar and Cadwalader Houses are located in the heart of Society Hill, a prestigious neighborhood in Center City known. Surrounded by some of the oldest and historically important landmarks in the country, Old City wears its antiquated looks with style and pride.

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Intersecting walking paths at Washington Square Park in Center City Philadelphia

Washington Square

Washington Square is a neighborhood centered around the Historic Washington Square Park, spanning from Broad Street to the west and Society Hill to the East.

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View of a docked boat at the waterfront in the Penn’s Landing neighborhood of Philadelphia


Penn’s Landing, a strip wedged between Columbus Boulevard and the Delaware River, is a neighborhood in itself.

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