The Benefits of Working Close to Home

Living in a beautiful city like Philadelphia comes with a host a conveniences and benefits. From the opportunity to explore a wealth of history and culture, to building a relationship with your own niche community – living in a city is a unique experience. Perhaps one of the greatest conveniences of city living is the ability to live and work within the same few blocks. For example, finding condos near the Comcast Building on the edge of Rittenhouse Square puts work and play within walking distance. But what are some of the true benefits of living near your workplace?


Living so close to the office can make you more productive. Not only does it take less time to get to work, the convenience of having home nearby will make you more likely to put in that extra few minutes at the beginning or end of the day. A traffic disaster won’t put you behind your days tasks because your commute is just minutes on a city sidewalk. Not only will you be more productive at work, you’ll accomplish more in your personal pursuits. Gaining extra time by being closer to where you live can provide the opportunity to explore new hobbies.


Commuting costs money. Cars come with maintenance, fuel, and parking fees. If you live in the city without a car, far from work, your wallet takes a hit through reliance on public transportation. But, for example, if you live in Rittenhouse Square in condos near the Comcast Building, the only thing you might need to spend money for your commute is new shoes. And, as they say, time is money. When you save time with a quick commute, you have the opportunity to pursue additional income-generating engagements.


The stress of a dreadful commute weighs on more than just the mind. According to an article by Time, driving more than 10 miles each way to work can increase your risk for developing diabetes and heart disease as a result of high blood pressure and blood sugar. In addition to the physical effects of a long commute, sitting in traffic is detrimental to your mental health. A stressful commute can cause anxiety, depression, and even effect your sleep patterns. But if your home is just blocks from the office, you’ll benefit from getting in a little exercise each day instead of sitting behind the wheel of car, hunched over and gripping the wheel.

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