5 Ways to Prep Your Condo for Sale

The New Year is now in the rearview mirror, meaning many people are gearing up for big moves, including into a new home. Before you start packing the boxes, you have to get your house spick and span so it can catch the eye of potential buyers. On top of the expected cleaning and decluttering, for those considering how to prepare a condo for sale, there are a few other factors to keep in mind.

  1. Make minor repairs. Small issues can stand out to buyers, so make sure to catch little problems like squeaky doors, loose knobs, and leaky faucets. Patch and paint any holes or imperfections in walls, replace light bulbs and, in the bathroom, clear all signs of rust or mildew and add fresh caulking or grout.
  2. Get organized. While any seller can be expected to pick up the shoes by the front door or the papers on the dining room table, sellers curious about how to prepare a condo for sale may want to add a few extra steps. Since condos are typically smaller than single-family homes, every inch is important to buyers, so a smart organization plan can help open up the space. Clean off counters, empty closet shelves and discard—or, better yet, donate—items you realistically don’t use very often. You’ll be surprised at what decluttering can do for a condo!
  3. Make the most of your space. Similarly, take a hard look at the layout of your condo. Arrange furniture so that prospective buyers have a clean, obstacle-free path from room to room. If they’re bumping into furniture, they may worry the space is too small for their needs. If large, clunky furniture is dragging down your space, invest in a storage unit and keep it stowed away until your move.
  4. Depersonalize. A storage unit may also be in order to house the many personal effects you should remove from your condo. Buyers will want to envision themselves living in this condo as their home, not your home. So take personal photos off shelves and walls, and pack up knick-knacks and any clothing, kitchen, and bathroom items you won’t immediately need.
  5. Think about light and color. Natural light is a great way to showcase your space. Ditch heavy drapery and let as much light as possible flood into each room, supplementing with soft lighting where needed. Give walls a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint to make it really sparkle.

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