3 Things to Look for When Buying a Luxury Condo in Philadelphia

As more people recognize the value of luxury condo living, we’re seeing a surge of residents interested in Philly condos for sale, which combine the convenience and comforts of city living with the benefits of investing in real estate. However, not all luxury condos in Philadelphia offer the same experience, and buyers should make sure to do their homework on which Philly condos for sale are a good match for them and their future.

Here are three major factors to consider as you explore luxury condos in Philadelphia to ensure you find the right fit.


While many people are focused on the atmosphere inside a condo building, the surrounding neighborhood is also important. Walk the area and see what the local area has to offer in the way of shopping and dining, green spaces, dog parks, entertainment venues, and other areas of interest. Explore safety stats and transportation options to make sure the neighborhood is a good fit.


Buyers researching Philly condos for sale may focus on the individual residences, but it’s also a good idea to find a property with on-site amenities that suit your lifestyle. Some residents may be interested in perks like heated parking areas, while others may want to consider the safety and security options, such as locked gates or restricted elevator access, such as the Parc Rittenhouse building. Get a good look at luxury amenities such as pools, fitness centers and spas to make sure their offerings are suited to your tastes. The rooftop pools at both Wanamaker House and Hopkinson House may be just what you’re looking for. In today’s high-tech age, many residents may also want to consider how their residence and the property itself taps into innovation to add even more dimensions to luxury living.


Work with a company that understands the market for luxury condos in Philadelphia. Allan Domb has more than 30 years of real estate experience, and he and his firm have developed a deep understanding of the local real estate landscape. As Philly condos for sale become increasingly popular options, it’s important that residents rely on those with expert knowledge—backed by decades of awards and accolades—to help make the right match.

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